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Both elaborate and complex, the intricacies of low voltage wiring warrant professional installers – enter G Tech Smart Inc. The team at G Tech Smart Inc. couple their industrious essence with their flair for electrical services to deliver blue-chip solutions. When these two qualities fuse, excellence is concocted. As an attempt to maintain their favorable reputation, G Tech Smart Inc. subscribes to a sensible code of ethics. Promising to both cater to clients and tend to their needs, G Tech Smart Inc. place consumer interest at the forefront of operations. In doing so, the results they breed are in perfect keeping with a client’s desires. Give them a call today at (877) 300-2247 to learn more about their low voltage wiring wiring, smart home installation, and network cabling services.


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G Tech Smart Inc provides smart home automation, access panel installation, CCTV installation, and more. Call Now.

Hire them if you need a perfect home theater installation. I initially called only to get a quote, but ended up scheduling a meeting two days later. Installation guy was courteous and did an amazing job, my plasma is nicely hanging on the wall and there are no wires sticking out. Thanks.


While the world of home entertainment has moved from connecting the cable box to the tv to a myriad of choices, Solin Systems makes it simple. There is always a lot of discussion about making the right choice. Jeff is an expert in knowing what the options are and helping guide you to the right choice. Even more important,  he cares. He will do what it takes to get the job done, The guy cares that you are happy – not just that the work is done.

Steve & Linda

We hired G Tech to revamp our house internet connectedness. We had spotty internet connections in the house & our speakers for the tv in our living room & kitchen were not working, the tv wasn’t connected to the internet, the printer kept logging off the internet along with all the usual hassles associated with cable companies. 

G Tech gave us a detailed assessment of our situation and explained in detail what he recommended and why, along with the specific products. He followed up with a written quote, which included all the necessary equipment & the labor to install it, and we accepted the bid. Everything was completed smoothly and we are very happy.


High class low voltage wiring services available for any property. Contact us today for a free estimate.